Camp Grayling

Camp Grayling is a premier, full-spectrum, four-season joint training center, providing year round, customer-focused training support and high quality facilities to enable military commanders and civilian leaders to meet their unit readiness requirements.


Camp Grayling was founded in 1913 when local lumber baron, Rasmus Hanson, donated over 13,000 acres to the State of Michigan for military training. Camp Grayling has since grown to 147,000 acres that spans over three counties of maneuver area, state-of-the-art ranges, and modern support facilities, making it the largest National Guard training center in the country.

As a premier, world class Joint Maneuver Training Center, Camp Grayling is a leader in providing efficient, unparalleled customer-focused service and the highest level of modern training. Support resources are scheduled year-round to provide a wide range of high-quality training  service members, emergency responders and private-sector customers worldwide. Training sites have unique combinations of resources that provide a wide variety of training scenarios to meet unit readiness requirements. Large artillery, mortar, tank ranges and maneuver courses are among the highlights of Camp Grayling.


Camp Grayling is located in Northern Michigan five minutes off from I-75. Approximately three hours northwest of Detroit via I-75 and five northeast of Chicago via I-196 and US-131. The Grayling Army Airfield is conveniently located on the Installation and there are commercial airports (TVC/MBS) one hour away in Traverse City or Saginaw.

Contact Grayling

For the complete FY16 phone directory, click here.

COL Edward Hallenbeck Garrison Commander 989-344-6100 Email
LTC Brian Burrell (Full-time OIC) Garrison Deputy Commander 989-344-6100 Email
CSM Kent Smith Operations Sergeant Major 989-344-6100 Email
SFC Jeremie Mead Community Relations Specialist 989-344-6106 Email
MAJ Frank Laurence DPTMS OIC 989-344-6770 Email
MSG Marshall Sly Senior Range NCOIC 989-344-6161 Email
SFC Amanda Taylor Scheduling NCOIC 989-344-6166 Email
CPT Kyle Leese Logistics OIC 989-344-6200 Email
MSG David Bobenmoyer Logistics NCOIC 989-344-6205 Email
MSG Michael Hoag Housing Manager 989-344-6208 Email
Ms. Jamie Fletcher Chargeable Quarters 989-344-6213 Email
LTC Shawn Abbe DPW OIC 989-344-6183 Email
MSG Byron Smith DPW NCOIC 989-344-6764 Email
SSG Jimmy Hagler IT Specialist 989-344-6999 Email

Grayling Army Airfield (GAAF)

Grayling Army Airfield has two 5,000′ x 150′ runways.  Runway 14 has three instrument approaches to it: GPS, NDB, and VOR, however the FAA is currently building GPS approaches to all runways.  The airfield possesses Class D airspace when the Grayling Air Traffic Control Tower is open, uncontrolled airspace when the tower is closed.

Grayling Army Airfield currently possesses a Certificate of Authorization from the FAA to fly the RQ7B Shadow on the Airfield and in the Class D airspace.  The Class D airspace overlaps R4201B providing a clear corridor from Grayling AAF to the restricted airspaces to the northwest of the airfield.

The General Aviation area is north of Grayling Army Air Field.  There is ample parking on the GA ramp, an eight-bay T hangar building, a terminal building.  The self-serve fuel farm boats a 10,000 gallon 100LL (AVGAS) tank and a 12,000 gallon JetA with Prist tank.

Upcoming Projects

Camp Grayling is in the beginning stages of upgrading the pavement on the north end of runway 5/23.

The Airfield will be receiving the Pavement Condition Index/Number (PCI/N) from the CoE concerning all airfield pavement. The survey provides a blueprint concerning maintenance/resurfacing/ rehabilitation of the pavements.

Projects include rehabilitation/resurfacing of both runways, all taxiways, new air traffic control tower, and building new helicopter parking pads along the east and west side of T/W A

The segmented circle has been relocated from around the tetrahedron that is midfield at the airfield to the south side of the airfield encircling the wind cone and AWOS antennae.

The recent addition of two LED internally lit wind cones removes the requirement for a tetrahedron. The tetrahedron will be removed in the future; currently trying to determine if there is another airport that would care to have the tetrahedron or if it should be scrapped.

Troops at the Airfield have been diligently working to clean up and reclaim the area between BL-75 and the east edge of the airfield fence along the bike path.

Grayling Capabilities:

Grayling DPTMS

Camp Grayling’s premier firing ranges offer unique exercise opportunities for individual to battalion sized elements on a variety of weapon systems and scenarios. Safety is our number one concern. With highly skilled Range Officers and NCOs, Camp Grayling’s Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security is prepared to meet all of your unit readiness requirements.

40 Complex-Joint Training and Live Fire Exercise

The 40 Complex is a multifaceted, joint fires capable, training range with a history of successful platoon live fire, CALFEXs and Joint Training Exercises.

  • 17,246 acres of maneuver space
  • 9,938 acres of live fire area
  • 2,781 acres of dudded impact area
  • All small arms up to MK-19
  • AT-4
  • Javelin and Tow Inert
  • Artillery Direct Fire
  • All current tube artillery and mortars
  • Platoon Live Fire
  • Combined Arms Live Fire
  • Conduct indirect fire and aviation training simultaneously
  • Helicopter door gunnery
  • Fixed and rotary wing aircraft gunnery
  • Aerial live bombing up to 500LBS
  • Large restricted airspace up to 23,000 feet

30 Complex – Multipurpose Range Complex Heavy

From the infantry platoon battle course to convoy life fire to HIMARS/MLRS, the 30 Complex specializes in live fire training and is ready to meet your requirements. The multipurpose range complex can qualify your Soldiers on all of the gunnery tables

  • 41,699 total acres
  • 5,261 fenced acres
  • M2 qualification range
  • MK19 qualification range
  • Sniper range
  • Infantry Platoon Battle Course (IPBC)
  • Convoy Live Fire (CLF)
  • Multipurpose Range Complex Heavy (MPRC)
  • UAS
  • Heavy capabilities
    • Maneuver and Training Equipment Site (MATES) with humidity-controlled bays
    • 65,000 acres of heavy maneuver area
    • Rail head for logistical movement

Dismounted Complex

Combined Arms Collective Training Facility

Combined Arms Collective Training Facility

As the largest Urban Operations training facility at Camp Grayling, the CACTF consist of nine different residential structures with a mixture of attics, crawl spaces and basements. Designed to conduct multi-echelon, full spectrum operations training up to Battalion Task Force level it is ideal for large group training.

  • 28 buildings for realistic urban simulation
  • Accommodates force-on-force (FoF) and force-on-target (FoT) operations
  • Supports blank fire, Close Combat Mission Capability Kit and MILES
  • Underground trainer
  • Repelling capabilities
  • 441 ports for Human Urban Target Placements
  • 52 customizable sound boxes
  • 196 cameras with night capabilities
  • World class AAR facility

Home Station Training Lane

Home Station Training Lane
The Home Station Training Lane continues to improve. With the addition of a new walled compound and underground trainer in 2014, the HSTL remains one of the most flexible and diverse training facility on Camp Grayling.

  • Assist units with planning individual and collective Counter Improvised Explosive Device training
  • Specialized Counter-IED training for route clearance
  • Maintains up to date knowledge on enemy tactics, techniques and procedures and incorporates into collective unit training

Simulation Center


Simulation CenterThe Camp Grayling Training Support Center allows for leaders to plan and execute battle scenarios, tactics, and missions in a safe, controlled simulation environment while benefiting from the realism of combat


  • Engagement Skills Trainer 2000  (link to more info)
  • Dismounted Squad Training Simulator (link to more info)
  • Call-for-fire Trainer
  • Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer (VCOT)
  • Virtual Battle Simulation 3 (VBS3)
  • Transportable Black Hawk Operations Simulator (TBOS)
  • Visualization and Mission Planning Integrated Rehearsal Environment (VAMPIRE)
  • Mission command training capabilities

Joint Maneuver Training Areas

Combined Arms Training Facility

  • 28-building village
  • Tunnels, culverts and rail head
  • Video After Action Review capability

Urban Assault Course

  • Five stations
  • Rappelling
  • Underground trainer
  • Grenadier course

Home Station Training Lane (IED Defeat Lane)

Engineer Bridging and Waterborne Rafting Operations

Tactical Training Bases (FOB Operations)

  • North Camp
  • South Camp

Four Drop Zones

Joint Live Fire Training Areas

Live Fire Training

  • Range 40
    • Artillery (65 surveyed FP)
    • Mortar (32 surveyed FP)
  • MPRC (Tank Gunnery, .50 Cal LF, MLRS/HIMARS)
  • TOW
  • MK-19
  • Live Fire Hand Grenade
  • Engineer Heavy Demolition (up to Range 40)
  • Live-Fire Shoothouse
  • Infantry Squad Battle Course
  • Convoy Commander’s Reaction Course

Air to Ground Range Complex

Air-to-Ground Range

The United States Air Force and Michigan Air National Guard utilize the Air-to-Ground Range for high performance aircraft training of live bombing, inert bombing, and strafing exercises with:

  • 20mm
  • 30mm
  • BDU 33
  • BDU 50
  • Inert 500 lbs
  • MK 82
  • Live 500 lbs
  • BDU-54
  • 1000lb GP cement
  • BDU-56
  • 2000lb GP cement
  • GBU-12 LGB
  • 500lb laser guided cement or live
  • BDU-59 LGTR
  • 89lb laser guided (inert) round
  • GBU-38 JDAM
  • 500lb GPS cement
  • GBU-32 JDAM
  • 1000lb GPS cement
  • GBU-31 JDAM
  • 2000lb GPS inert and 2.75 rocket

The Range Complex Building is Air Force property covered under a lease agreement and is managed and maintained solely by the Alpena CRTC. All other property at the Grayling Air-to-Ground Range falls under the jurisdiction of Camp Grayling and is State of Michigan property.

As such, CGMTC will identify all facilities and real property located on the Air-to-Ground Range on Camp Grayling property records. Current facilities and real property at the Air-to-Ground Range include:

  • East Flank Targeting Tower
  • Old Main Range Tower and Pole Barns
  • Joint Threat Emitter Pad and Fencing
  • Power, Fiber Optic and Communication Lines

Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For more information or to schedule range time contact:
MAJ Frank Laurence, DPTMS OIC
MSG Marshall Sly, Senior Range NCOIC


Michigan Army National Guard
Camp Grayling Logistics Support Center

Camp Grayling, MI 49739-0001
Director of Logistics NCOIC:
MSG David Bobenmoyer
(989) 344-6205

Visit our JMTC Logistics Intranet Portal site:
Non-MIARNG and/or Non-RCAS customers visit:


Class V Ammunition and Explosives
Fax (989) 344-6650

OIC: CW4 Ed Leblanc
(989) 344-6224
MSG Rickey Lalond
(989) 344-6225
  • TAMIS-R request 90 days prior to training event.
  • E-581 30 days prior to training event.
  • A valid DA 1687 with an Assumption of Command letter.
  • Two licensed vehicle operators must be HAZMAT certified and annotated on their military drivers license.
  • DD 626 & DD 2890. DD 626 Inspection prior to issue.


HOUSING OFFICE (BLDG 560): M-F 0800-1500 Hrs

Troop Issue Buildings
Fax: (989) 344-6206

NCOIC: MSG Mike Hoag
(989) 344-6208
SFC Michael Vandersloot
(989) 344-6208

Applicable regulations: CG Reg 210-50, NGR 210-50, NGR/AR 37-109,DA PAM 710-2-1

  • Camp Grayling Training and Housing requests must be submitted thru Range Operations, Bldg 545 (989-344-6156)
  • Housing requests must be input in Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS) at 90 days prior to training event.
  • CG Form 2-43R, Camp Grayling Facility Request Form, must be completed prior to training event (FY16 Only).
  • A valid DA 1687 with an Assumption of Command letter is needed specifically for requesting and receiving Troop Issue Buildings from the MTC Housing Management Office.
  • Requests must be received at least 90 days prior to training period; include PAX numbers, issue and turn in times, and all facilities needed.
  • Building issue and turn in times are during normal business hours.
  • Senior Headquarters conducting Annual Training has priority.
  • Customers must abide by all laws, rules, policies & regs pertaining to the use and operation of troop issue buildings.


Camp Grayling Lodging


Office (BLD 4, Lower Level)
DAILY HOURS – 0800 – 1630 (closed for Federal Holidays)
Check in: 1500hrs-COB
Check out: Tiers 1-3 1100hrs
Cottage 1000hrs

Policy Statements

Reservations: Tiers: Official– up to a year out.
Non-Official– up to 90 days out.
Cottages: Official– weekly Sat.–Sat. up to 180 days out.
Non-Official– up to 90 days out.
If within 30 days of arrival, cottage stays of 2 nights or more may be available.

Payment Policy: Tier 1-3– due the day prior to check out.
Cottage- due at time of check in. NO REFUNDS – NO CASH or PERSONAL CHECKS                                            We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER CREDIT CARDS

Cancellation Policy: Tier 1-3- cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled arrival date and no shows will be charged a one night fee. All Cottage cancellations $100 fee.

Relocation/Cancellation: Tier reservations may be relocated/cancelled based on the needs of the MING prior to 14 days of arrival by the TAG, ATAG, CDR, or Deputy CDR.
Non-official Cottage reservations may be relocated/cancelled prior to 30 days of arrival by the TAG, ATAG, or CDR.

After Hours Arrival: After office hours key pick up arrangements can be made utilizing key boxes in the mailroom located on the lower level of BLDG 4. Call or email to make arrangements.

Occupancy Policy:</b. Rooms are designed/have amenities for single occupancy. Additional guests incur a charge of $9.00 per night per guest. Children over 8 are considered additional guests. No pets in buildings.

Damaged/Missing Items: Rooms with damaged/missing items will incur additional charges and lodging privileges may be lost.
Personal Property: Camp Grayling Lodging Program is not responsible for lost/missing personal items.

Departing: Return keys to office or drop box at the lower entrance of BLDG 4. Receipts will be emailed at time of check out.

No Smoking No Pets
No fires in Cantonment Area


Cottages 77, 78, 79 and 80

Weekly Rentals: Saturday to Saturday:
Official: reservations accepted up to 6 months in advance. $130.00 per night
Non-Official: reservations accepted up to 3 months in advance. $161.00 per night
If within 30 days of arrival, stays of 2 nights or more may be available.
3 Bedrooms: king, queen, twin (with 2 beds), and queen sofa sleeper in living room- MAX 8 Guests
Furnished (consumable items NOT provided)
All Cottage Cancellations: $100.00

*Non-Official reservations may be cancelled or relocated based on the needs of the MING prior to 30 days of arrival.

Tier 1
Queen rooms with private baths, common area living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, decks, and grills.
Official- $68 Non-official- $87
Extra Guest- $9
Rates: (based on single occupancy)




DVQ- for use by Senior Officers and Senior Enlisted

Tier 2
Queen bed with private bath (with laundry facility)
Official- $50 Non-official- $69
Extra Guest- $9
Rates: (based on single occupancy)


Tier 3
Twin bed with shared bathroom.
Official- $48 Non-official- $57
Rates: (single occupancy only)

115Q w/laundry facility
214B, 216B, 113 w/o laundry facility

50B w/o laundry facility



Class I Supply Management
Fax: (989) 344-6206

OIC: WO1 Kuehne, Aaron
(989) 344-6203

Applicable regulations: AR 30-22, DA PAM 30-22, ATTP 4-41, CG Reg 30-1, TB Med 530, DA PAM 710-2-1

  • Non MIARNG require a MIPR and funding coordination with TISA & USPFO for Michigan 120 days prior to training event.
  • Accounts must be established 60 days prior to request—request the External SOP for Non-MIARNG units.
  • A valid DA 1687 with an Assumption of Command letter is needed specifically for requesting and receiving Class I supplies.
  • Annual training units must complete the initial DA From 5913-R NLT 90 days prior to scheduled training.
  • DA Form 5913-R follow up request for Annual training will be submitted NLT 20 days prior to start date with any changes. Subsequent requests submitted every 3 days there after the start of AT.
  • Pick up times must be scheduled and adhered to.



Class II Janitorials (Paper plates, plastic ware, trash bags)
Fax (989) 344-6206

SGT Todd Orourke
(989) 344-6204
MSG David Bobenmoyer
(989) 344-6205
</divApplicable Regulations: DA Pam 710-2-1, MI REG 700-5

    • A valid DA 1687 with an Assumption of Command letter is needed specifically for requesting Class II janitorial’ s from the Warehouse.
    • DA 3161 requests must be received 90 days prior to pickup date.

(See and click on “CG Janitorial Request Form” for DA 3161 guidance.)

  • Issues are based on unit strength; breakdown by item (unit of issue) is available—see Master DA 3161.
  • Janitorial supplies are for use at Camp Grayling.
  • Units other than Michigan Army National Guard are required to submit a MIPR (DD Form 448) to USPFO For MI 60 days prior to their training event.




Class II (Tents) & Class IV (Barrier materials)
Fax: (989) 344-6206

NCO: SSG Aron Reed
(989) 344-6209
MSG David Bobenmoyer
(989) 344-6205

Applicable Regulations: AR 735-5, AR 710-2, DA Pam 710-2-1

  • A valid DA 1687 with an Assumption of Command letter is needed specifically for requesting and receiving Class II and IV supplies.
  • FORSCOM 156-R for requesting MTOE equipment is required at least 90 days prior to training date, including the items needed with quantities, dates and times for desired issue and turn in, and unit’s POC.
  • DA 3161 requests must be received 90 days prior to pickup date.
  • Units are required to bring enough personnel to assist in the physical loading and unloading of equipment along with enough vehicles to transport items in a one stop shopping appointment.
  • Equipment will be returned cleaned and properly folded. Items that have deficiencies will be tagged and noted with problems on a 2404.
  • Scheduling an appointment is necessary.
  • Class II supplies are intended to supplement unit’s MTOE shortages not replace them.



Class III Bulk Fuel (retail unavailable)
Fax (989) 344-6702

NCOIC: SGT Brent Davis

Applicable Regulations: AR 710-02, DA Pam 710-2-1, 49 CFR

  • A valid DA 1687 with an Assumption of Command letter is needed specifically for requesting and receiving Class III from the DFSP at Camp Grayling. Also needed in the remarks block are the units DODAAC, UIC, APC, and Fund Code.
  • MIARNG requests must be submitted 90 days prior to requesting date including DODAAC, UIC, APC, and Fund Code included through Lansing SMO DOSM.
  • Non MIARNG units submit requests 90 days prior to requesting date including DODAAC, UIC, APC, and Fund Code directly to the DFSP.
  • 92F driver and assistant drivers must be HAZMAT certified IAW CFR 49 annotated on their military drivers license and present it prior to fueling ops.
  • DD Form 626 (Vehicle Inspection) must be filled out prior to arrival and accompany the vehicle.
  • DD Form 836 will be completed prior to vehicle leaving the DFSP; units must have certified member available to sign the DD 836.



HAZMAT Disposal
Fax (989) 344-6206

NCOIC: SGT Vidal Johnson
(989) 344-6584

Applicable Regulations: MIARNG Hazardous Material & Waste Management SOP, 49 CFR

  • Emergency absorbent materials available only after units have consumed their own.
  • Units are required to bring their own spill absorbent materials.
  • Waste barrels for solids and liquids are on a first come first serve basis.
  • A valid DA 1687 with an Assumption of Command letter is needed specifically for requesting and receiving materials from the HAZMAT Section, Camp Grayling.
  • All fuel spills are remediated, regardless of the volume released.
  • Fuel spills greater than 20 gallons are reported to the CG Environmental Office, which in turn reports the release to the MDEQ.
  • Fuel spills less than 20 gallons are reported to the CG Environmental Office, which maintains spill logs.
  • Spill remediation is overseen by the CG Environmental Office and typically involves excavation of impacted soil and the generation of cleanup materials. All impacted soil and materials are transported to an approved landfill.



MILES Equipment and Training Devices
Fax (989) 344-6206

NCOIC: SSG Sean Wood

Applicable Regulations: ARs 5-9, 350-38, 710-2, 735-5, 750-1; DA PAMs 350-9, 710-2-1; TRADOC PAM 350-9

  • Accounts must be established with TSC, Ft. McCoy (608) 388-2712/3713.
  • A valid DA 1687 with an Assumption of Command letter is needed specifically for drawing MILES equipment and Training Aids from the TSA, Camp Grayling.
  • IDT requests must be submitted to TSC Ft. McCoy, WI NLT 30 days prior to training event.
  • A.T. requests must be submitted to TSC Ft. McCoy, WI NLT 31 January prior to A.T.
  • MILES certification mandatory; training available.
  • Units must provide manpower to assist with inventory and moving equipment.

Grayling MWR

Visiting units are encouraged to use the many Morale, Welfare and recreational facilities. Troops can rent recreation equipment free of charge from the boat house located on the shore of Lake Margrethe.  Many services available on post free of charge as well such as the Laundromat and fitness center. The Camp Grayling Commissary carries a wide range of items for troops to purchase and it is within walking distance from troop barracks.  The NCO and Officer Club offer a relaxing environment for troops to enjoy a meal, unwind after a day of training, or hosting an event.

The City of Grayling offers a wide variety of entertainment: put-put golf, Movie Theater, skiing, golfing and other year-round activities are available.

Camp Grayling also offers a wide array of lodging options. See the Chargeable Quarters page for all of the details.


The Camp Grayling Officer’s Club and the land on which it is constructed were given to the state of Michigan by Rasmus Hanson, a successful Grayling businessman who earned his fortune in the white pine forests.  The Officer’s Club is a “Classic“.  Built in 1917, it has since served as the focal point for the social and formal functions of the Michigan National Guard Officer Corps.  Reminiscent of the architecture that is typical of southern military structures, the colonnaded veranda and symmetrically spaced dormers set into the low hipped roof are common to militia camps and army posts erected at the turn of the century.  The Officer’s Club has been in continuous operation since its inception.

Camp Ground

The Camp Grayling Camp Ground is located on the perimeter of Camp Grayling’s main post near the south end of Lake Margarethe.

Camp Ground features:

  • 70 wooded campsites accommodating tents, pop-up campers, trailers and larger motor homes
  • 20 settings have water and electrical (remaining sites are full services hookups)
  • Playground for younger campers
  • Recently renovated bath house
  • Pavilion for group events
  • WiFi access

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