Family Readiness Support Assistant


The Michigan National Guard Operation Ready Families provides ready families to the State and Nation in support of its Guard members and Guard missions. We accomplish this by:

  • Supporting the goals of the National Guard Bureau and the Michigan National Guard.
  • Promoting the inherent partnership in which the Family and Military participate.
  • Ensuring that Quality of Life be maintained for our Guard Families during times of separation.
  • Establishing a basic foundation of training and education that encourages an informed and knowledgeable Guard Family.
  • Creating and providing an accessible resource pool for Guard members and their Families.
  • Inform and educate community leaders, school counselors and employees to aid Guard Families during deployments.
  • Through implementation of a multifaceted program that incorporates the above goals, we confirm the intrinsic value of the Family to the Michigan National Guard.
  • Responsibilities and Services

    The Family Program Office has a full-time Senior Family Readiness Assistant who helps ensure that all units have a functioning FRG with trained volunteers and military staff.

    These personnel are direct support to the Unit Commanders for managing, providing resources, and supporting the Unit Family Readiness Group. They are assigned as units reach the window for deployment.


    Jean Wixson
    Full-Time Senior Family Readiness Support Assistant
    Office: 517-481-9892 (Office)
    Cell: 517-599-5372 (Cell)


    For online resources for Family Readiness Groups, visit

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