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To take advantage of your National Guard benefits, you and your family members must have an identification (ID) card. The benefits authorized by the ID cards will vary. Family members eligible for ID cards include:

Spouse (and some former spouses)
Non-remarried widow or widower
Children at age 10 and unmarried children under the age of 21 (including adopted or stepchildren)
Children under age 10 may be eligible for an ID card if they are not living with a family member who is eligible for an ID card, or under special circumstances, such as living with a sole parent
Unmarried children between 21 and 23 who are attending college full time
Unmarried children over 21, if incapable of self-support due to a physical or mental incapacity which existed either prior to the 21st birthday, or between the 21st and 23rd birthday while a legal dependent as a full-time student. This must be established in DEERS and they must be dependent upon the Guard member for more than one-half of their financial support
Under certain circumstances, other family members can be certified as legal dependents and be eligible for ID cards. These include unmarried illegitimate children, parents or parents-in-law, or an unmarried person in the service member’s legal custody for at least 12 months. Ask you personnel or legal assistance officer for advice on this matter.

Those individuals who need an ID card should go to a certified ID Card/DEERS verifying office.

View the entire AFI 36-3026, the governing document for ID Cards.

Locations and times for facilities across Michigan can be found online.

Please ensure you bring the following applicable documents to your appointment or walk in.

Marriage certificate (Only original document or certified copy is accepted)
Birth certificates of children (Only original document or certified copy is accepted)
Social Security Card (Only original document or certified copy is accepted)
Certified copy of court order for adoption
Certified copy of court order establishing paternity (for illegitimate children)
Certified copy of death certificate(s)
Certified copy of divorce decrees
Statement from licensed physician or medical officer indicating physical handicaps and period of incapacity for dependent children over 21 years of age that are incapacitated
Certificate of full-time enrollment from school registrar for dependent children over 21 and less than 23
DEERS (Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System). When the service member and his/her family apply for an ID card, each family member will complete a DEERS form. The DEERS system verifies that you and your family are eligible for medical care (if you are called for active duty or active duty training for more than 30 days). The DEERS website has more information available for your use. The sponsor, or designee with power of attorney, can enroll a dependent/make changes to a record. Sponsor must be present to issue an ID Card to a dependent.

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