(ARNG M-Day/Traditional) Officer SWVA # 20-001 JFHQ 01A00 O4 Deputy IG

Job Number: 20.001

Wage/Grade: O4

Location: Lansing

Opening Date: 20200107

Closing Date: 20200206

Additional Information:

MIARNG Officer Statewide Vacancy Announcement Request

Vacancy Information (as annotated on UMR):


Unit: JFHQ

Unit Address: 3411 N. Martin Luther King Jr., Lansing, MI 48906

Para/Lin: 002 / 02

Position Title: Deputy IG

Position Grade/Rank: O4  / MAJ

Minimum Grade/Rank to Apply: O3

Send Packet to: MAJ Amanda Falor at amanda.m.falor.mil@mail.mil

POC: MAJ Amanda Falor @ (517) 481-8217



 Applicant must be Branch Qualified to Apply: YES

Applicant may apply if Under Suspension of Favorable Action: NO

Officer must be BOLC complete to apply: YES

Packet must include: (IAW Nomination Packet Requirements in AR 20-1 Appendix B)

 -An official DA photograph that is no more than 2 years old. If the applicant was promoted less than 6 months before the posting closes the previous photo is acceptable.

-Copies of officer evaluation reports for the last 10 years.

-Current height and weight data (Screenshot from DTMS). If the nominee does not meet the height and weight standards as outlined in AR 600–9, a body fat analysis sheet executed within the last 30 days is required as well.

-Copy of any physical profiles.

-Current Army Physical Fitness Test DA 705 indicating pass or fail within the last 6 months

-Officer record brief


 Additional Requirements:

 -CPT Applicants must have successfully completed company-, battery-, or troop-level command and be a graduate of captain’s career course. (Appendix B-1 b. (2))

-Have no record of punishment under Article 15: Uniform Code of Military Justice; conviction by court-martial; general officer letters of reprimand filed in the official military personnel file; or derogatory information contained in IG records as screened by the USAIGA (Appendix B-1 b. (5))

-Have no record of civil conviction except for minor offenses. (Appendix B-1 b. (6))

-Have an “A” or “B” profile serial code and a “1” under “S” factor for physical profile. (Appendix B-1 b. (7))

-Serve no consecutive details as an IG. The Inspector General may approve consecutive details as an exception to policy with the specific consent of the officer concerned. (Appendix B-1 b. (8))

-Meet body composition requirements as outlined in AR 600–9. (Appendix B-1 b. (10))

-Receive a passing score on the Army physical fitness test within the last 6 months. (Appendix B-1 b. (11))

-Possess and maintain a secret-level clearance. (Appendix B-1 b. (12))



Military technicians will not be assigned to M-day IG positions due to conflict of interest while holding two separate military positions. (Appendix B-2 d. (3))

Candidate recommended by the Career Board and nominated by TAG will undergoing a screening process with final approve by The Inspector General (TIG). Upon approval by TIG, the officer must complete the 3 week U.S. Army Inspector General Course at Ft. Belvoir, VA before being transferred to the Deputy IG position.