(ARNG M-DAY/TRADITIONAL) SWVA #20-025 HHD 210th Military Police BN 31ZO Command Sergeant Major

Job Number: 20.025

Wage/Grade: 31Z6O

Location: Taylor

Opening Date: 20191119

Closing Date: 20191204

Additional Information:

MIARNG Command Sergeant Major Statewide Vacancy Announcement Request

• Advertisement number: 20-025
• Closing Date: 4 December 2019
• Address, city, state, ZIP: 12450 Beech Daly Rd, Taylor, MI 48180
• Unit name, PRN, and UIC: HHD 210 Military Police Battalion, 440, WTZBAA
• Para/Lin: 101/03
• MOS: 31Z6O
• Soldiers must be qualified in the position career management field to apply.
• Send packets to: 177 Military Police Brigade, ATTN: BDE S1. 12450 Beech Daly Rd, Taylor MI 48180; Email: tiffany.n.tuttle.mil@mail.mil
• Point of contact: SGT Tiffany Tuttle, (734) 946-2573; tiffany.n.tuttle.mil@mail.mil

• Sergeants Major, First Sergeants, or Master Sergeants selected during the Best Qualified Leader Board (BQLB) for the current promotion cycle. The CSM best-qualified list is available for the review in the following location: O:\EPS\2020 Best Qualified Leader Board Lists 20191001 M-Day Soldiers without access to the O drive may need to request assistance from full time staff. MSGs must be on the current E8 to E9 promotion list to apply.
• Sergeants Major Course (SMC) Enrollment IAW PPOM 18-034 dated 31 Oct 18:
o Position is a current valid vacancy. MSGs and 1SGs being considered for appointment into a current valid vacancy must be currently attending or a graduate of a prior class of the SMC.
o Soldiers who have attended USASMA / SMC, but not did not graduate for any reason other than hardship are not eligible to apply.
• Soldiers must be able to complete the latest of the following service obligations: 2 years from completion of resident USASMA, 3 years from the date of promotion to E9, and one year after appointment to Command Sergeant Major.
• Medically qualified to perform CSM duties on a worldwide basis in a field environment (AR 40-501)
• Must be a professional leader with the qualities to perform CSM duties as identified in DA PAM 611-21, chapter 10.
• Must be eligible for immediate reenlistment or extension without regard to time remaining to ETS.
• In accordance with NGR 600-5, NGB Policy Memorandum 11-028, and MIARNG CLASP Policy memo dated 2 Nov 17, Active Guard Reserve (AGR) MSGs are ineligible.
• Applicants cannot be under suspension of favorable actions, must have a current, valid record APFT and current weigh-in IAW Army body composition standards. Applicants must meet the position security clearance requirement. Soldiers without a current PHA may apply but, if selected, will not be promoted until the PHA is current.
• CLASP: Refer to current MIARNG CLASP Policy to determine whether a waiver is needed. Further CLASP information (including technician compatibility information) is available from the MIARNG HRO office. If a waiver is required, blank forms and memo templates are posted to SharePoint under Enlisted Promotion Management -> SWVA -> CLASP templates. Promotion, lateral appointment, and reassignment are contingent on approval of the CLASP waiver. The effective date of promotion, lateral appointment, and reassignment will be the date the CLASP waiver is approved.
• IAW DA PAM 611-21, Chapter 10C, 10-31Z, b(5), a security eligibility of TOP SECRET is required for the initial award and to maintain the MOS. Applicants without a TOP SECRET security clearance are eligible to apply but will not be awarded the 31Z MOS until meeting this requirement.

How to apply: Refer to the MIARNG Senior NCO checklist (available to download at https://mi-guard3.ng.ds.army.mil/Staff/G1/EPS/Pages/EPM.aspx). Assemble documents and submit to address or email identified above by the closing date.

Applicants must: Review their Army Military Human Resources Record (AMHRR), to include iPERMS file and record brief. The selection board will objectively review applicants using the whole Soldier concept, evaluating performance and potential. It is the responsibility of every applicant to ensure their AMHRR is accurate and up-to-date.