Job Number: 20.055

Wage/Grade: SSG / E6

Location: Augusta

Opening Date: 20191218

Closing Date: 20200117

Additional Information:

Vacancy Information:

  • Advertisement number: 20-055
  • Closing date: 17 January 2020
  • Address, city, state, ZIP: 2501 26TH STREET AUGUSTA, MI 49012-9203
  • Unit name, PRN, and UIC: 119TH SUPPORT COMPANY, 377, WX7YAA
  • Para/Lin: 109/01
  • MOS: 91E
  • Duty title: RECOVERY VEH SUPV
  • Position rank or grade: SSG
  • Minimum rank to apply: SGT
  • Send packets to: SFC James Berg at james.j.berg3.mil@mail.mil
  • Point of contact: SFC James Berg at james.j.berg3.mil@mail.mil


MOS Qualification: Soldiers do not have to be MOS qualified to apply; however, must be able to be awarded the MOS in accordance with DA PAM 611-21.

  • Physical demands rating: Moderate (Gold)
  • OPAT level: Moderate (Gold)
  • PULHES: 222222
  • Vision: Normal color vision
  • ASVAB score requirements: A minimum score of 100 in aptitude area GM in Armed Services Vocational aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests administered prior to 2 January 2002. A minimum score of (88 in aptitude area GM and 95 in aptitude area GT) or minimum score of 97 in aptitude area GM on ASVAB tests administered on and after 2 January 2002 and prior to 1 July 2004. A minimum score of (88 in aptitude area GM and 95 in aptitude area GT) or a minimum score of 98 in aptitude area GM on ASVAB tests administered on and after 1 July 2004.
  • Security clearance: N/A
  • Civilian Education: N/A
  • Other requirements: Finger dexterity in both hands, near and distance visual acuity correctable to a minimum of 20/30 in each eye is required.



General Criteria:

  • Applicants cannot be under suspension of favorable actions, must have a current, valid record APFT and current weigh-in IAW Army body composition standards. Applicants must meet the position security clearance requirement. Soldiers without a current PHA may apply but, if selected, will not be promoted until the PHA is current.
  • CLASP: Refer to current MIARNG CLASP Policy to determine whether a waiver is needed. Further CLASP information (including technician compatibility information) is available from the MIARNG HRO office. If a waiver is required, blank forms and memo templates are posted to SharePoint under Enlisted Promotion Management -> SWVA -> CLASP templates. Promotion, lateral appointment, and reassignment are contingent on approval of the CLASP waiver. The effective date of promotion, lateral appointment, and reassignment will be the date the CLASP waiver is approved.


To apply, assemble a packet with the following documents:

  • Copy of the SWVA for which applying
  • Memorandum of interest to the President of the Board
  • Letter of endorsement from current commander (unless currently on the promotion list)
  • Last three NCOERs (Letters of Recommendation can be substituted for NCOERs if Soldier hasn’t received 3 NCOERs)
  • GPVS-1790 Individual personnel qualification record
  • Enlisted record brief
  • Last three years’ worth of DA Form 705 or DTMS APFT history screenshot
  • DA Form 3349 Profile (if applicable)
  • DA Form 5500/5501 if exceeded screening table weight or DTMS weigh-in history screenshot.
  • DA Form 4187 waiving normal commuting distance (if applicable)