(ARNG M-DAY/TRADITIONAL) SWVA #20-059 HHC 156 ESB 25W5M First Sergeant

Job Number: 20.059

Wage/Grade: 1SG

Location: Howell

Opening Date: 20191226

Closing Date: 20200125

Additional Information:

  • Advertisement number: 20-059
  • Closing Date: 25 January 2020
  • Address, city, state, ZIP: 725 Isbell St. Howell, MI 48843
  • Unit name, PRN, and UIC: HHC, 156 ESB , 560, WPCUT0
  • Para/Lin: 102/02
  • MOS: 25W5M
  • Send packets to: 177 Military Police Brigade, ATTN: BDE S1, 12450 Beech Daly Rd, Taylor MI 48180; or email erica.e.risner.mil@mail.mil, john.a.gebhard.mil@mial.mil
  • Point of contact: SSG Mandy R. Williams @ mandy.r.williams2.mil@mail.mil



  • Master Sergeants or promotable Sergeants First Class qualified in the applicable career management field. To apply for 1SG positions, MSGs or SFCs must have been selected during the Best Qualified Leader Board (BQLB) for the current promotion cycle. The 1SG best-qualified list is available on the EPS SharePoint page at: https://mi-guard3.ng.ds.army.mil/Staff/G1/EPS/Pages/EPM.aspx. Additionally, SFCs must be on the current E7 to E8 promotion list to apply.
  • In accordance with NGR 600-5, NGB Policy Memorandum 11-028, and MIARNG CLASP Policy memo dated 2 Nov 17, AGR Sergeants First Class are ineligible to apply to 1SG positions.
  • Applicants cannot be under suspension of favorable actions, must have a current, valid record APFT and current weigh-in IAW Army body composition standards. Applicants must meet the position security clearance requirement. Soldiers without a current PHA may apply but, if selected, will not be promoted until the PHA is current.
  • CLASP: Refer to current MIARNG CLASP Policy to determine whether a waiver is needed. Further CLASP information (including technician compatibility information) is available from the MIARNG HRO office. If a waiver is required, blank forms and memo templates are posted to SharePoint under Enlisted Promotion Management -> SWVA -> CLASP templates. Promotion, lateral appointment, and reassignment are contingent on approval of the CLASP waiver. The effective date of promotion, lateral appointment, and reassignment will be the date the CLASP waiver is approved.


How to apply: Refer to the MIARNG Senior NCO checklist (available to download at https://mi-guard3.ng.ds.army.mil/Staff/G1/EPS/Pages/EPM.aspx). Assemble documents and submit to address or email identified above by the closing date.


Applicant responsibilities: Review Army Military Human Resources Record (AMHRR), to include iPERMS file and record brief. The selection board will objectively review applicants using the whole Soldier concept, evaluating performance and potential. It is the responsibility of every applicant to ensure their AMHRR is accurate and up-to-date.