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Michigan National Guard showcases cyber skills

Nov. 29, 2018 | By Webmaster



Story by Sgt. 1st Class Helen Miller

Michigan National Guard

The Michigan Cyber Range is an international exercise scenario that takes place in a virtual training environment during the Summit. With teams in several locations across the globe, the Soldiers and Airmen – including the Michigan Army and Air National Guard cyber teams – compete in an international exercise that takes place in a virtual environment. This year, National Guard teams from 6 other states and 7 other countries also competed in the event. The International Cyber Exercise is an event that challenges the offensive and defensive cyber security skills of its participants. The Michigan Cyber Range enables these individuals in testing the detection and reaction skills of participants in a number of cyber disciplines. There are instructors on site with live training available to help the Soldiers and Airmen learn and succeed. The event requires a high degree of group skills, as they have to protect the devices they control while also attacking other teams. Capt. William Winston, Officer in Charge of the Air National Guard teams, stated, “We are looking to enhance our abilities to emulate threats. One of the core parts of our mission is to de-threat emulation. We go into an environment and map out the network, then look for vulnerabilities.” “We are getting our feet under us as far as how to approach and attack this event; it will help us find our strengths and weaknesses and how we stack up (in skillset) against our other National Guard State partners and international Allies,” added Winston. “Assessing our skills against other Cyber teams, both National Guard and International, helps bring awareness to the importance of the cyber world and cyber security – and it provides training for our soldiers,” said 1st Lt. John Herrema, Officer in Charge of the Army National Guard Cyber team. Michigan’s Army Cyber Protection Team and Air National Guard Cyber Squadron are a leading military force in developing Cyber Warriors. The Michigan National Guard has hundreds of Secret and Top Secret computer specialty positions available. The National Guard is recruiting Cyber Warriors, and other Information Technology specialties, to combine the best in the Michigan National Guard with the best in civilian cyber defense to defeat attacks in U.S. infrastructure. For more information regarding the Michigan National Guard Cyber teams, please contact the MING Public Affairs office, 517-481-8141, ng.mi.miarng,, or visit