Buddy to Buddy



To provide training and resources to Michigan National Guard members to enhance peer support and resilience, and to facilitate access to systems of care.

Behind the teams is a simple concept: Military service is unlike any other human experience. Noone knows more about the issues facing a Soldier – in combat or on the home front – than a fellow Soldier.

Many soldiers encounter minor, manageable issues when adjusting to home life after active duty. There are also many others that face more serious challenges like family concerns, financial struggles, clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse or even suicidal thoughts.

The earlier these issues are addressed, the better the outcome. However, many veterans do not seek care because of the stigma associated with asking for help. The Buddy-to-Buddy Peer Support and Resilience Teams seek to overcome that stigma and open the door to better health for veterans and their families.

Responsibilities and Services

Provide training in order to facilitate Soldier-to-Soldier peer support
Foster social support networks of Soldiers and Veterans
Reduce stigma associated with accessing care and resources
Increase access to care and resources for citizen-Soldiers
Contribute to family resilience
Increase Soldier retention


Buddy to Buddy Program