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All ID Card Customers must provide two forms of non-expired ID in order to receive an ID (one MUST be a photo ID).

*Accepted Forms of ID: Driver’s License, Passport, Concealed Carry Permit, VA ID, Military ID, CAC, DOD or State Employee CAC/ID, **Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Voter’s Registration Card


**Foreign Birth Certificates must also have a true translation in order to be entered in DEERS

We cannot accept the following per DOD policy: Any expired photo ID’s, School ID’s, Medicare Cards, Library cards, Gym/Store Membership cards, Debit/Credit Cards

Service Members: You must be within military regulation in order to be issued a CAC; Males: clean shaven, unless you have a profile which you must provide a copy of. Females: hair pulled back and no visible jewelry.

Dependents: When a dependent is seeking an ID for the first time the Sponsor must be present unless the dependent has been granted Power of Attorney. When renewing an ID the Sponsor may visit a DEERS location a head of time to sign a DD Form 1172-2 witnessed by a DEERS Verifying Official, or take a DD Form 1172-2 and have it notarized by a Notary Public with seal. A DD Form 1172-2 is needed EVERY time a dependent is issued an ID. Children under 10 are not authorized dependent ID cards, expect in extenuating circumstances; see below for more information.

Adding Spouse: Please provide the following – Dependent’s Photo ID, Birth Certificate and Social Security Card, and Original copy of Marriage License.

Adding Children under 18: Please provide Birth Certificate and Social Security Card

Adding Children 18-20: Please provide the same as above and Photo ID

Adding Children 21-23: Same as above and dependent must be enrolled in an accredited college, in addition a letter from the school’s Registrar’s Office stating that they are enrolled full time (12 credit hours or equivalent) with semester dates and their expected graduation date must be provided. If no graduation date is given the ID card can only be made for the length of that current enrollment period.

Children under 10: The dependent must be from a dual military, single parent, or sponsor deployed for over 30 days family. If you are legally separated or divorced the Sponsor must still provide an 1172-2 for the dependent.

Step Child: Same as all above but also include your marriage license

Child born out of wedlock: Male Sponsors – must provide a court order establishing paternity or a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity form, dependent’s birth certificate and social security card. Female Sponsors – dependent birth certificate and social security card.

Incapacitated Child over 21: DEERS eligibility determination is made through DFAS, please visit and search incapacitated dependent for more information.

Tricare Young Adult (TYA): Dependents can enroll in this program if they are not enrolled in college but are 21-26 y/o. Dependents that have graduated but remain under 23 years old need to provide a certificate of graduation to remove their Student Extended Eligibility status from DEERS. Visit for more information on TYA.

Retiree’s: Retiree’s (fully Retired, Retired Reserve, Temporary Disabled Retired, and Permanently Disabled Retired) MUST provide a copy of their retirement order or Member 4 copy of DD 214 that shows discharge due to retirement. A retired status cannot be entered into DEERS without supporting documentation. Seek out Retirement Services at JFHQ prior to retiring for the most current information about your separation.

Newly Retired: Provide proper ID’s and supporting documentation for retirement. Fully retired requires 20 years of Active Federal Service, Retired Reserve (under 60) is a combination of 20 years of Federal Service both Active and Reserve/Guard.

Medical Retirement: Temporary Disabled Retired List (TDRL), is a medical retirement up to three years while a RTD determination is made. Permanently Disabled Retired List (PDRL) is given when the Service Member is no longer fit for duty.

100% Disabled American Veteran: The VA is the only authoritative source for determining or applying for a service connected disability. This cannot be done by a DEERS official, or the DMVA. Once your determination has been made you must bring in the Determination Letter that states 100% Disabled or Unemployable due to service connected disability, please also bring your DD 214 Member 4 copy. Visit for more information regarding application and determination.

Other GOV ID’s: Below is information regarding civilian Contractors and State Employees, as always once eligibility is confirmed please bring 2 forms of non-expired ID along with any supporting documentation needed.

Contractor’s: Domestic – You must have completed a TASS application and received an email confirmation from TASS stating that you are eligible for a CAC. Without a completed TASS application your contract will not be started or renewed in DEERS. Overseas – Please provide a copy of your LOA (Letter of Authority).

Civilian State/Tech Employee: Your SF50 must have time to process, anticipate 7-10 business days for processing.

Please ensure you bring the following if applicable to your DEERS appointment:

Certified copy of court order for adoption

Certified copy of court order establishing paternity (for illegitimate children)

Certified copy of death certificate(s) (needed for removing sponsor/dependent from DEERS)

Certified copy of divorce decrees (this is the only accepted document for removing a former spouse and a new spouse cannot be added until the former is removed).

Statement from licensed physician or medical officer indicating physical handicaps and period of incapacity for dependent children over 21 years of age that are incapacitated.

***ONLY the sponsor, or designee with power of attorney can enroll a dependent/make changes to a record. ***