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NEWS | July 10, 2024

Michigan Cyber Officer Swears Twin Brother in as newest Cyber Operations Specialist

By Sgt. 1st Class William MacDonald

Warrant Officer Trenton Darrow, a 170A Cyber Warfare Technician in the Michigan Army National Guard, seized the opportunity to administer the oath of enlistment to his twin brother, Spc. Travis Darrow, at the Lansing Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), swore him into the Michigan Army National Guard. Travis will be a 17C Cyber Operations Specialist in the 172nd Cyber Protection Team.

In 2010, Trenton joined the Michigan Army National Guard as an 11B Infantryman with the 125th Infantry Regiment. In 2015, he volunteered for deployment to Jordan as a 13M Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Crewmember. During this time, he enrolled at Army Signal University in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, earning several Network and Security certifications. Upon returning home, Trenton interned at the Veteran Affairs in Saginaw, Michigan. By 2018, he transitioned to the Defensive Cyber Operations Element (DCOE) unit at Joint Force Headquarters. Then in 2023, he completed Warrant Officer Candidate School, concurrently earning certifications such as Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA).

“I had no reservation about sponsoring my brother to join the unit,” Trenton said. “Between the immeasurable opportunities that the 17-series Cyber Security career field provides to Soldiers in the civilian job market and the way that the cyber protection team treats Soldiers like family members, I knew that my brother would be treated as a professional, obtain critical job skills, and network with other like-minded cyber security professionals.”

The Officer in Charge of the 172nd Cyber Protection Team, Lt. Col. Kathleen Prince-Sayward, was ecstatic when she heard about Spc. Darrow joining the team. “Our bonds of service often create a family feeling, and this takes that relationship to the next level,” said Prince-Sayward. “When working with highly technical Soldiers daily, it further strengthens the bonds within the team. Soldiers work through hardships and find comfort in their military family, and having siblings on the team showcases the family values within our community.”

The Darrow brothers grew up in Indian River, near Gaylord, Michigan. “Travis and I grew up as best friends and have a close relationship. It was an honor for my family to continue an intimate moment together,” said Trenton. The Darrow family shares their military bond with their older brother, Brandon, who served in the Army as a 31E Corrections Specialist. Trenton’s wife, Hillary, is a Captain serving in the Army as a family medicine obstetrics doctor at Ft. Eisenhower, GA. In this remarkable display of familial commitment and dedication to service, Warrant Officer Trenton Darrow's enlistment of his twin brother, Spc. Travis Darrow, in the Michigan Army National Guard, exemplifies the profound bonds and shared sense of duty that unite military families. This rare event not only underscores the deep-rooted loyalty within their family but also highlights the opportunities and camaraderie found within the military community. As they embark on their respective roles within the 172nd Cyber Protection Team, their journey together symbolizes the enduring spirit of service and solidarity that defines their military legacy.