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Ready to apply for your retirement? The following items MUST be included in a Retired Pay Application:
1. Retired Pay Application – DD Form 2656 and DD Form 108 – Must use current form or it will be rejected by HRC & DFAS.
2. Separation Orders transferring service member to the Retired Reserve.
3. Notice of Eligibility (NOE) – 20-year letter or 15-year letter if issued.
4. Retirement Point Statement – NGB Form 23B.
5. Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan election – DD Form 1883, 2656-5, or 2656-6. This must be submitted within 90 days of receipt of NOE. If not, a default election will be made for you based on dependent information on record at the time.
6. Banking information for Direct Deposit – you will need the name of the institution, their mailing address, routing number and account number.
7. Beneficiary information – you will need to provide name, address, and date of birth for anyone you wish to include as a beneficiary for Final Pay or as part of a Survivor Benefit Plan.

The Michigan National Guard Retirement Services Office can assist currently serving members as well as our retirees! Contact us for any of your Retirement Needs!

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We can also help with obtaining service records.

Retired Army National Guard members can request their records by filling out a Michigan Records Request and faxing it to 517-481-8363. You can also send the records request to the address below. If you have any questions about requesting records you can contact the Army National Guard at 517-481-8303.

Archive Records
3411 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48906


Retired Air National Guard members can request their records by calling 517-481-8276.

Military Veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may now use a new online military personnel records system to request documents. This may be particularly helpful when a Veteran needs a copy of their DD-214 for employment purposes.

Veterans Records Online

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