Reenlistment Bonus

You could receive a reenlistment bonus of up to $20,000 for a 6 year extension. Extending your enlistment for 2 years could qualify you for a $4,000 extension bonus.


Healthcare costs can be difficult, so let Tricare help! The generous coverage is available to single Soldiers for only $47.82 per month and military families for $217.51 monthly. Find eligibility information and coverage specifics on Tricare's website.

Tricare Dental

TDP is now through United Concordia as of 1 May 2017. For only $11.10 each month, single Soldiers can have access to a premium dental plan. Have a family? Not a problem! Just $83.28 per month will cover your spouse, children and yourself. Find plan specifics in the Tricare Dental website.

Life Insurance (SGLI and SGLV)

Get coverage of up to $400,000 for $29.00 per month for Soldier. Find more information on the SGLI website.

Get coverage up to $100,000 for $13.00 per month for Soldier’s spouse. Find more information on the SGLV website.


You’ll have a great nest-egg when you retire after 26 + years of service. Payments will begin when you reach age 60. The average Soldier accrues at least 2,627 points with over 26 + years. Take a look at the example chart below for a preview of what 2,627 points at retirement will yield in your retirement payout.

  Per month payment Total payout over 20 years
E-6 $672 $161,280
E-7 $901 $216,240
E-8 $1,029 $246,960
E-9 $1,368 $328,320
*Figures assume 1,920 accrued points over 26 + year career

Survivor Benefit Plan

After you retire and you pass on, your spouse will still continue to receive 55% of your retirement pay until they pass.

Tricare Health Insurance

After you retire, you can have Tricare at an 80/20 option (you pay 20%) which is about a $1,000 value per month saved. You can view plan details online.

There is also retiree information for retirees on the Michigan Department of Military and Veteran Affairs website.

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Contact Retention

Michigan National Guard
Master Sgt. Joseph Saur

63rd Brigade
Sgt. 1st Class Rodney Roach

125th Infantry Battalion
Staff Sgt. Travis Garza

119th Field Artillery Battalion
Staff Sgt. Ellington Walters

182nd Field Artillery Battalion
Sgt. Sean Nickson

126th Cavalry Squadron
Staff Sgt. Michael Hoffman

272nd Regional Suport Group
Sgt. 1st Class William Butler

246th Transportation Battalion
Sgt. Sue Houghtaling

Headquarters and SVC Company, 3/238th Aviation RU
Sgt. Carol Sielawa

146th Multifunctional Medical Battalion
Staff Sgt. Alexis Johnson

1225th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
Sgt. Taylor Almond

177th Military Police Brigade
Sgt. 1st Class Billy Adrian

156 Electronic Signal Battalion
Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Reimer

210th Military Police Brigade
Sgt. Laran Wright

107th Engineer Battalion
Sgt. Amanda Plichta

507th Engineer Battalion
Staff Sgt. Roy Burr

631st Troop Command
Sgt. 1st Class Michael Crisp

Joint Force Headquarters
Sgt. 1st Class Rhonda Schaferistic