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National All-Domain Warfighting Center
Michigan's National All-Domain Warfighting Center (NADWC) seeks to maximize joint combat readiness by providing an adaptable, cost-effective, and integrated all-domain training environment supported by an expanding Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) architecture. This is all designed to enable the application of combined arms effects in a near peer, contested threat environment.


The NADWC includes the nearly 148,000 acres of training space at the Camp Grayling Maneuver Training Center and 17,000 square miles of special use military airspace at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center. The arena offers training for entities across the Department of Defense to prepare for the battlefield of the future. The training provides units with training capabilities across all five warfighting domains.

Land - Camp Grayling is a leader in providing efficient, unparalleled customer-focused service and the highest level of modern training. It offers a unique combination of resources that provide a wide variety of training scenarios to meet unit readiness requirements. Large artillery, mortar, tank ranges and maneuver courses are among the highlights available for visiting units.

Air -  The airspace, which extends over a portion of Lake Huron, is supported by three Michigan Air National Guard installations: the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, Battle Creek Air National Guard Base, and Selfridge Air National Guard Base. These air bases provide air-to-air maneuver capabilities, long range precision fires, premier command and control capabilities, and close air support for ground forces training at Grayling.

Maritime - Partially located on Lake Huron, the NADWC offers units the opportunity to train on, around, and above our nation's second-largest lake and one of the largest fresh water bodies of water in the world. When paired with Lake Margrethe on Camp Grayling, units can accomplish a range of maritime and littoral training objectives.

Cyber - With combined assets from across the state, the NADWC also has the ability to host live cyber attack and defense exercises. For kinetic units, the training arena can simulate electronic warfare and replicate a contested environment using joint threat emitters.

Space - Through partnerships with industry, visiting units have access to space-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for a near real-time picture of the battlefield. As the growing space and near space industry continues expansion in Michigan, there are plans for further space integration in the training environment.


Camp Grayling
  • Division-level Command & Control Capable
  • Cyber Capability, connected to Merit Network
  • Air to Ground Range
  • UAS Training and Ranges
  • Simulation Center
  • 43 Live Fire Ranges
  • Army Airfield with 2x 5,000’ Runways
  • Multi-Spur Rail Head
  • Tank Ranges
Alpena CRTC
  • 17,000 Square Miles of charted Special Use Airspace
  • 23 Special Activity Areas, ranging from 300' AGL to 50K'
  • Air Gunnery Range for training, full-scale and live ordnance
  • 1000 Sq. Mile Maritime Restricted Area (Lake Huron training range) with large-footprint ordnance capability
  • 3 Joint Threat Emitters
  • Capability for all DoD UAS training
  • 9000' & 5000' runways
  • Lodging for >1,000 personnel
  • Rogers City Calcite Quarry – littoral and land-based full mission profile area off-range, realistic military
    training area


Maximize DoD combat readiness by providing realistic, unit tailored, cost effective, and highly integrated Joint Fires combat training in an adaptable threat and combined arms live fire environment,  emphasizing cooperation between Joint and Coalition forces. Provide realistic training and testing opportunities for Other Government Agencies, including interagency operations and planning.


• Joint Fire Support
• Maneuver coordinated with Fires
and Effects
• Multi Echelon Sustainment
• Maritime and Littoral
• Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise
• Decisive, MCO CDO scenarios
• Air Mobility
• Cyber Operations
• EW Spectrum availability up to
6000 frequencies and 4000 mi of
fiber on Merit Cyber Range
• Mission Command
• Four Seasons